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Industry Terms

Gallons Per Minute (GPM): Quantity of flow

Head: Pressure or resistance to flow

Static: At rest (vertical distance from surface of liquid to point of free discharge)

Dynamic: In motion (pumping)

Friction Head: Head created by liquid moving through pipes, valves & fittings

C Factor: Co-efficient of friction

Total Dynamic Head (TDH): Static head PLUS friction head

Atmospheric Pressure: Force of the atmosphere (14.7 PSI/29.9 In Hg/33.96 ft of water)

Performance Curve: Manufacturer’s chart showing head vs. flow of a certain pump

Centrifugal Force: The force that pulls an object outward when it is spinning rapidly around its center

Parallel (Multiple) Pumping: Double the flow rate at the same head condition

Series (Staged) Pumping: Double the head at the same flow condition point

Vacuum Assisted Pump: Pump uses external priming system—dry priming

Wet Priming Pump: Pump uses water and internal design of pump to prime

Cavitation: Caused by liquid changing into a vapor and then back to liquid

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