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Electric Submersible Pumps

Your project deserves more than just the right equipment.

From system design and installation to maintenance and customized billing, our team of experts knows that there’s more than spec sheets to consider when choosing an equipment vendor.




Specifications are approximate and may vary. Ask your sales representative for specific dimensions for the unit we supply to you.

Model Pump Size Max Flow Max Head Max Solids
Spec Sheet 
2"5.08 cm 82 GPM310 LPM 58" TDH147.32 m TDH .24" diameter0.6096 cm diameter
P2ESLS 2"5.08 cm 63 GPM238.5 LPM 33' TDH10.0584 m TDH .25 inches0.635 cm
P3ES 3"7.62 cm 63 GPM238 LPM 63' TDH19.20 m TDH .28" diameter0.7112 cm diameter
P3ESC 3"7.62 cm 320 GPM1211 LPM 48' TDH14.63 m TDH 1.73" diameter4.3942 cm diameter

Equipment is only half the story. Our experts put it to use.

With decades of pump and pumping system design and installation experience, our team can help you select the equipment needed for your project.

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