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Pump Rental for Sewer Bypass

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For the duration of the project, our temporary system kept the sewer running smoothly.

pump rental for sewer bypass was needed by a municipality to set up a sewer bypass system. The village needed to perform some updates on its pump station; the local government hired an electrical contractor to install both a new control panel and a telemetry system. The biggest challenge? This was the single pump station in the village and couldn’t be out of commission for a month and a half while the contractor worked, without risking a major sewer overflow situation.

To provide a solution, the village called E-Pump. The superintendent relied on our expertise to design and layout sewer bypass system at this municipality. We provided rental pumps, hose, pipe, valves, and fittings to accomplish the job. For the duration of the project, our temporary sewer bypass system kept the sewer running smoothly and allowed the village to complete much-needed improvements to the pump station.